Ekana Mall Lucknow Specification

Ekana Mall, a dream coming true is a boon, and that too at a place where you can live the life you have always wanted to live. With features of the project, enables you to live a cosmopolitan life with whatever you want inside the place.

The prominence of living in a place with all the needed features and facilities makes it a desired and demanded place for investment.

The project is contented and self-sufficient and has got whatever is called a perfect place for investment. This infrastructure of the project has got whatever is needed to be contented with the varied infrastructural supremacy, making it a startling and sparkling deal for the investment.

Features of this place!!

An international cricket stadium which is excellently made, outdoor cricket 7 net practice boxes, an outdoor football ground, an air-conditioned indoor multiplex complex, residential group housing and villas, commercial boasting of the retail mall and office spaces, landscaping being conceived by an expert from Singapore, secured and gated community with a multi-level security system.

Having all these glaring features in the project makes it a perfect combination of privacy and security, amenities, features, and much more to the place making it accurate for oneself to make it an investment-worthy project.

A shopping experience which will be remembered!!

World-class shopping experience and places to allure the presence of integral thoughtful projects makes it an accurate and adequate option to go with when one thinks of investing in commercial real estate.

It is the shopping experience that will be elevated and enhanced to such an extent that you enjoy every moment of being here. Whether it be the daytime indulgences or the evening pursuits, you will be served with the finest of the features making it worth going with while you are here. Enjoy superlative shopping with the refined collocation of facilities. Here, delight awaits your presence, enjoy every moment of your being here.

Dine yourself at the best places!!

Enjoying the life of lavish prospects with luxury knocking at your doorstep, opulent dinners at eminent places designed with integrity for making your experience delightful here.

Nights here are as enjoyable and bright as your days at the location, with insightful avenues making your night out experiences enhanced with the best music and preferring your taste as the top priority to be enjoyed.

Not only these but also every feature is intricately been taken care of.

Ekana Mall Lucknow