Ekana Mall Lucknow Floor Plan

A project which is integrally thought about, and has an architecture to be praised, makes the best option for investment purposes. Also, the inventory type offered in the project must be this suitable to make an impact on the investors. The floor plan of this project is accurate and integral for one to take into consideration for investment.

Having such inventory types which are efficient for oneself to look upon as they possess all the features which are needed to be an ideal investment. Wide spaces and the area is used wisely to make the parts well organized and understandable being wise investment options. The floor plan of the project is integrated to give the best possible outcome to the real estate investors who want modernity leaned into the form of development.

When we are talking about Ekana Mall Lucknow, the inventory type of the project is divided into 3 major types, which are Virtual Space, Shops, and offices. These have an area ranging into different prospects so that you choose what best suits your need and what you demand your investment.

The 3 divisions are separate and integrated at the same time, as it is a perfect combination for investment in the commercial real estate world. Also, the fast-growing real estate market counts this project, Ekana Mall Lucknow as a glaring and refined opportunity to invest in. These are the types and the areas devoted along with the respective prices of the inventory types proposed in the project.

Virtual Spaces have an area of 200 sq. ft. with the price for the same being ₹ 29 lakhs onwards. Shops have an area ranging between 144 – 3604 sq. ft. with the price for the same being ₹ 30.21 lakhs - ₹ 7.51 crore.

Offices have an area ranging between 476.95 – 3604 sq. ft. with the price for the same being ₹ 1.20 crore onwards. Commercial real estate investments are always beneficial and when it comes to unique inventory types of projects, this Ekana Mall Lucknow makes the best use of space, and the area is divided with eminence.

Although the space is wide and the architecture is well thought off, the intelligent crafting of the spaces makes it suitable for one to invest in. The area devoted to the inventory types of the project is suitable and accurate for the ideal areas which are needed for commercial spaces.

Ekana Mall Lucknow