Ekana Mall Lucknow Amenities

Open Party Lawn
Spa Centre
Restro Bar
Swimming Pool
Gaming Zone
Play Rides
Parking Area
Food Court
Jogging Track
Opulent Diner
Hyper Stores
Kids Play Area
Sky-High View

Ekana Mall Lucknow Amenities

A commercial project which takes into account what a modern buyer wants to go forward with the concept of making alluring amenities present in the project. The best of the amenities which are accurate in fulfilling the needs of the customer with satisfaction and contented facilities is all that one demands.

If you are not sure whether you will be investing in the project or not, here are some factors of the amenities which will let you go for the best of what the heart here craves for, amenities making an elevation of thoughts and lifestyle so that your investment turns out to be the most prominent one.

Here, the amenities include such factors which are thereby helping you to lead a lifestyle that is not void of any of the needed amenities. Starting with a relaxing and peace providing spa center, a retro bar, an enjoyable game zone, play rides for the little ones who come here roaming with their families, a food court so that you enjoy the best of the meals, and a sky-high view to soothe your mind and soul, opulent dinner areas for enjoying the night meals, hyper stores which cover it all for you to do the basic shopping.

Each of the amenities here is served with opulence, making the lifestyle turn out to be alluring enough for you to enjoy the best of the experience, and every day enjoying the new moments which are served with the prominence of facilities making every memory to be as eminent as another.

The spa center gives you luxurious treatments, and the spa lets you feel the divine aspect of being relaxed. When considering the elements of the services provided, it is accurately provided to be the major factor making you lean towards this deal, food court is there so that you are here to enjoy the food you love having with your loved ones.

Sky high views ensure that not only food and the spa facilities are good enough, but you also are here to enjoy the landscaped views and heart-soothing areas making an impact on the viewer in positive terms hence it is a full package deal, giving you opportunities to make the best of the experience and memories as however, you prefer it to be, thereby the project makes this part defined that here you will be having the excellent treatment which you deserve.

Ekana Mall Lucknow