Ekana Mall Master Plan

master plan

Ekana Mall Master Plan

A project with integrity in every function, perfection being the essence of the place, makes it a perfect investment. Provision for whatever stays to be the name for accuracy in a commercial real estate project is present at this place. The master plan always covers all the needed areas of the requirements of being at a place.

The floors and the differentiation of the place make a perfect combination of thoughts put into action. When a person knows what best suits the need of a buyer makes it possible for this place to be an accurate option for investment.

What is the detailed view of the area for the floors?

Considering the lower ground floor in the first go for the brilliant master plan, the floor is divided into two parts which have different bases for their division. The entry and exit provision at the place is centrally made for convenience.

Second, comes the ground floor plan, which we can also call out as retail and anchor space. This is also a very thoughtfully designed and executed floor plan. Wide area and space are divided into well-defined spaces, which makes it an intelligent option for investment.

The retail space is the result of a brilliant blueprint designed for which one can look upon the integrated use of space. Also, having a wide retail area demands well-designed and rightly allocated corridors, a wide corridor has been provided into the retail area. Lifts are also installed for easy movement through the floors.

Virtual spaces have an area of 200 sq. ft., 144 – 3604 sq. ft. is the area differentiation devoted to the shops, and the inventory type of offices has an area range of 476.95 – 3604 sq. ft.

The floors and their floor plans!

Similarly, the other floors have been built with intelligence and prime features, upper ground floor and 1st floor are also retail and anchor space, with the anchor space being present on both sides. 2nd floor has been integrally sides accordingly to be the Gondola Rides and the retail spaces, 3rd floor is designated for retail spaces, the 4th-floor plan is the brilliant division of the space for being an effective food court and kids’ play zone, the 5th-floor plan is all devoted to being an excellent multiplex, and at the end is the division from 6th to 9th floor which is designated to commercial spaces.

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