Important Aspects influencing Commercial Real Estate in 2023-2024

Ekana Mall Lucknow / Important Aspects influencing Commercial Real Estate in 2023-2024


The real estate market is dominating home buyers, especially first-time buyers with an increase in rental rates. As the time post covid has given people the freedom to work from home and in hybrid workplaces. At the same time, there is an increase in the demand for buying new houses and investing in properties.

Commercial Real Estate is a dynamic and complex field that has a complex range of offers. It is the most lucrative option of investment for those who can purchase and manage properties successfully. Commercial Real Estate brings impressive returns and monthly cash flows. Their returns stood up well during the market shocks.

The potential of income from Commercial real estate can be substantial and has tenants that typically agree to sign up for multi-year leases and pay huge rents. Additionally, Commercial Estate can provide diversification for investments in a portfolio and potential tax benefits. Hence it is an important and dynamic field that requires careful expertise and consideration of investors, developers, and industry professionals.

Factors that influence commercial real estate in 2023-2024:

Technology : Technological changes are making significant changes nowadays and have been greatly impacting commercial real estate. The best example of it is the growth of e-commerce, leading to increased demand for distribution centers and logistics.

Economic conditions : The economy is one of the major forces that is driving the real estate sector. There are increasing growing trends that lead to higher demands in commercial real estate. Besides this, a recession can lead to decreased demand.

Demographics : The demographic trends of an area are impacting the demand for commercial real estate. Many areas have a large population of young professionals and can see increasing demand for office spaces.

Government policies : Many changes in government policy have been impacting commercial real estate especially real estate in areas such as zoning laws, tax policy, and environmental regulators.

Investor Sentiment : This factor plays an important role in the prospect of commercial real estate. Many investors are more likely to invest in new projects. This in turn is leading to increased supply and potentially lower vacancy rates. Some of the potential trends include:

Therefore the future of commercial real estate can be shaped by many factors. Many other trends emerged in the coming years. Some of the potential trends emerged and thereby making investors and industry professionals well-informed and adapt to various other fields.

Besides this, commercial property investment also has many involved risks. Example: The property is managed to ensure that the property remains relevant to the leasing market. So Commercial real estate property has a huge factor of trust on the returns. It stabilizes the income and keeps investors vested in the process of investing.

Ekana Mall is a great commercial development project located in the city of Lucknow. It has a total area of 71 acres and floors starting from LG+GF+UG+9. It features state-of-art retail spaces and has a sports campus that offers an eclectic mix of modern facilities beautified with Italian Architecture. It is a place that offers a dazzling multi-destination for the people in the city of Nawabs i.e., Lucknow. The project is based on a Venetian-themed cosmopolitan commercial space and has several hospitals, roads, banks, and markets in the vicinity. The mall also has many amenities like a Central AC system, food court, Indoor games, clubhouse, power backup, etc.